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GeoRaman 2014 Awards

For the first time in GeoRaman history, we presented awards to young laser Raman spectroscopy scientists in the following four categories:
  1. The best oral presentation given by a graduate student:

    First: S. I. Jaret, "Characterizing Shock Metamorphism in Feldspar Using Micro-Raman Spectroscopy"

    Second: Emry, J. R., "Complementary Methods for Addressing Flourescence Issues in Raman Hyperspectral Datasets"

  2. The best poster presentation given by a graduate student:

    Lopez-Reyes, G., "Automated and Self-Regulated Raman Spectra Acquisition for Space Exploration: Exomars RLS Instrument"

  3. The best oral presentation given by an early career scientist (within 5 years of the PhD):
    Cianchetta, I., "Disclosing the Firing Protocol of Athenian Pottery Production: A Raman and Colorimetric Study of Replicates and Original Samples"
    (not available for photo)

Special award from the the Molecular Spectroscopy Group of the Royal Society of Chemistry , London :
  • The best oral and poster presentation by a graduate student in the session of Astrobiology and Paleobiology

    Harris, L. V., "Planetary Exploration with a Raman Spectrometer: A Study of Carbonaceous Material Using Portable Instrumentation (532 and 785 nm)"

    Awards were presented at the closing ceremony during the conference dinner.