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Fourth Notice: May 15, 2014

11th International GeoRaman Conference (June 15-19, 2014, St. Louis, MO, USA)

We would like to report that the preparations for the 11th International GeoRaman Conference are going very smoothly (

We have received a large number of contributed abstracts, based on which we have built the final conference program.

A session of Raman imaging show and tell has been added to the program (June 20). We welcome you even now to submit abstracts, which will be accepted (only) for poster presentations and will be maintained within our final on-line program.

The on-line registration for attending the 11th GeoRaman will last until May 31, 2014. We welcome those who did not submit abstracts but are willing to attend, listen, and communicate with world-leading LRS experts, to register as well. On-site registration (for attendance of only part of the conference) will be available only by a cashier's check.

FYI, we have a limitation on the number of attendees who can take part in the field trip. Once this limit is reached, those registering will pay a reduced registration fee that does not include the field trip cost.

  Time: June 15-19, 2014
  Place: Washington University in St. Louis, St. Louis, MO, USA
  On-line registration:

GeoRaman XI registration fee (on-line)

  Date Professional Student Family members
Full registration May 1 - May 31, 2014 USD $530 USD $330 USD $180
Registration without field trip   USD $430 USD $230 USD $80
On-site registration
(cashier's check only)
Per Conference DayUSD $150Field Trip
(if seat available)
USD $100

Local travel (St. Louis Metro link) & Hotels: