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Final Notice: July 22, 2014

11th International GeoRaman Conference (June 15-19, 2014, St. Louis, MO, USA)

The 11th International GeoRaman Conference is now a fading memory, but we have some final exciting news for all the attendees and other interested parties:
  1. The 12th International GeoRaman Conference will be held in Novosibirsk, Russia, in 2016. An introduction was given at the 11th GeoRaman Closing Ceremony by Professor Andrey Korsakov of the Russian Academy of Sciences:

  2. The United States Organizing Committee (USOC) is calling for more attendees to fill out the 2014 GeoRaman survey (we have received over 30 now), which will help the GeoRaman International Science Advisory Committee (GRISAC) and the organization committee of the 12th GeoRaman to make the next one even better:

  3. The USOC has made a final update of 2014 GeoRaman website. Along with the news on new committee members, student awards, a list of later abstracts, many photos were added into various pages. The USOC is calling for all attendees to place their best photos in a provided drop box; the address is:

  4. The USOC is calling for submission of manuscripts to a special issue of the Journal of Raman Spectroscopy. For the purpose of planning and organizing this issue, all participants interested in submitting a paper should please fill in the information required on the webpage:

    Please note the following issues related to this special publication:

    1. The deadline to submit manuscripts for the GeoRaman special JRS issue is the 1st of October.

    2. We invite the submission of high-quality, original research papers, including pre-approved short review articles that will be peer-reviewed for publication in the GeoRaman special JRS issue. If you are planning to submit a manuscript, please let associate (guest) editor - Craig Marshall ( know as soon as possible, so that the size of the special issue can be estimated.

    3. Pre-approval of short review articles is necessary. Please contact Prof. Craig Marshall ( as soon as possible with a provisional title and brief description for approval if you wish to submit a review article.

    4. Manuscripts can be uploaded on the JRS online Manuscript Central Submission site:

      When submitting a manuscript for the special issue, please follow these directions:

      1. On the first tab on the left - Type, Title, and Abstract - There will be a question at the bottom: Is this submission for a special issue - select "Yes"

      2. On the fourth tab on the left - Review Preferences - There will be a drop down menu to add an Editor - select "Marshall, Craig"

      3. On the fifth tab on the left - Details and Comments There will be a section on Special issue information. Please enter the following special issue title "GeoRaman special JRS issue".

      4. There is another section on Editor Selection, please enter "Craig Marshall" as the editor you are submitting to.

    5. Please feel free to contact Prof. Craig Marshall ( if you have any questions.