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Seventh Notice: June 9, 2014

11th International GeoRaman Conference (June 15-19, 2014, St. Louis, MO, USA)

Here are some final notices to keep you informed of the latest news:
  1. The weather for June 15 to June 20 should be hot and humid with the possibility of occasional showers. Highs 85-95 F (29-35 C) Lows 70-75 F (21-24 C):

  2. Be prepared to dress appropriately for the Field Trip if you plan on attending it. The suggested field trip clothing is long pants, T-shirt, light jacket, and comfortable walking shoes (avoid sandals; definitely no flip-flops). There will be some dripping (of clean water) from the ceiling of the mine, so you might want to wear a baseball cap or something similar.

  3. All oral presenters should e-mail copies of their PowerPoint files to Jie Wei ( by June 15 to be set up on the conference presentation computer.

  4. The ordered list of oral presentations for the poster punch-line sessions is now online at:

    We still have three slots available for the second poster session oral presentations.

  5. Our travel information has been updated with more details on taking the Metrolink light rail system from the airport to your hotel:

    Follow the Metrolink signs in the airport terminal, and purchase your ticket or weekly pass at the machine right before entering the station. For weekly passes, follow the instructions in the ticket machine. For more information, visit

  6. Anyone planning on attending the Raman Imaging Show and Tell on Friday, June 20, should fill out this form so we will have food available for you for coffee and lunch that day: